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Geri® is a revolutionary benchtop incubator designed for use in laboratories to provide optimal incubation conditions for embryos. This incubator has six individually controlled chambers that minimize the environmental stress caused by lid openings. In addition, the incubator has fail-safe mechanisms, redundancies, and alarm functions that help to ensure that the optimal conditions in each chamber are maintained. As a result, Geri® aims to preserve embryos at or near body temperature, reducing environmental stress and ensuring stable embryo growth conditions. The incubator achieves this by maintaining a precise temperature range of 35°C to 40°C in each chamber, with double heating elements in each chamber and rapid temperature recovery within 60 seconds of closing the lid.


The incubator has built-in temperature sensors, a temperature alarm with thermal cut-off, and an external temperature probe port to reassure users. Geri® also maintains a consistent gas flow through a regulator and purge functionality, with independent gas lines for each chamber, CO2 sensors, and an external CO2 probe port. In addition, the incubator features a light source with a long wavelength to reduce light-induced damage to early-developing embryos. Finally, it enables humidified cultivation by inserting customized water bottles, with humidity inside the chamber tracked by independent sensors and humidity alarms.

Embryologists design Geri® for embryologists, and it has integrated continuous embryo monitoring capabilities that provide an individualized and undisturbed incubation environment, helping to achieve optimal culture conditions to improve embryo quality and viability. In addition, the Geri®+ instrument has updated components to capture dark-field images.

The Geri®+ incubator is designed to make lab practices more efficient with its compact benchtop design and minimal footprint, allowing easy integration into the lab. In addition, the modular design of the chambers streamlines servicing, and each chamber is independent of the others, enabling a swap-in-swap-out servicing model.

In summary, Geri® is an innovative incubator that provides a unique solution for preserving embryos in optimal conditions. Its features and design aim to reduce environmental stress, maintain stable conditions for embryo growth, and improve embryo quality and viability.

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