Electronic Health Records - EHR

EHR at Krishna IVF Clinic

Electronic health records are made mandatory at Krishna IVF Clinic inorder to provide modern, holistic approach to Infertility workup and management.

  • A unique ID number is given to each couple coming to Krishna IVF Clinic during their first visit.
  • Filemaker sofware which is used to maintain EHR will be kept confidential and includes all previous health records as well as treatments taken by the couple.
  • Details of every visit will be updated in the form of a chart in their electronic health records. Hard copies of the same will be pasted in their personal file.
  • This maintains continuity and efficient management of reproductive issues.
  • This also makes it convenient for couples undergoing treatments to communicate with Krishna IVF Clinic using their unique ID numbers.
  • The same ID number will be given to their embryos to ensure safety at every stage.
  • Maintaining Electronic health records definitely requires skilled personnel and it is a genuine effort to take reproductive health care in India to the next level.

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