Training Courses

Krishna IVF Clinic – IVF Training Institutes in India offers various ART courses featuring hands-on IVF training

Preceptorship Program: Krishna IVF Clinic in collaboration with merckserono group offers one-week clinical training program for gynecologists. The preceptorship program is intended for gynecologists who have experience in the field of infertility. This program helps to improve their skills and make betterment in their regular practice. Monthly two gynecologists each for 1 week will spend their full time in the clinic and participate in various clinical and technical procedures. This training helps to expand their knowledge and understanding, in various branches of infertility like clinical management, andrology, embryology, reproductive genetics and surgical procedures like hysteroscopy and laproscopy. Activities are limited to observation and interaction. Discuss and share knowledge on different research activities going on in the clinic. The objective is to provide personalized instructions and training. Apart from regular clinical procedures gynecologists will have personalizedinteraction with different clinicians for 1-2 hour. During this interaction the gynecologists are allowed to exchange their and our knowledge that helps to progress together in respective fields.Upon completion gynecologists receive certificate of participation from the institute. From 2016 krishna IVF Clinic has trained many gynecologists from different parts of India through preceptorship program.

FOGSI Training centre: The federation of obstetric and Gynaecological societies of India encourages sharing of knowledge and expertise in the field of reproductive medicine. This organization provides learning / participation certificate for registered gynaecologists you were trained in various fields of reproductive medicine in respective registered centres. Krishna IVF Clinic is registered centre for Ultrasound training under FOGSI since 2006. The USG training program organised by Krishna IVF Clinic helps gynaecologists to expertise on different applications of ultrasonography in reproductive medicine. This course helps the gynaecologist to observe and practice ultrasound under the guidance of expertise and attain skilful knowledge.Once the training is completed for a period of 1 week, the gynaecologists who were registered at FOGSI will get a participation certificate from the society that helps the gynaecologists to progress in their career.

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